The 26th Annual Plano Drumline Competition (PdlC)
September 23, 2017 at Clark Stadium in Plano, Texas

Any Rain Update will be posted here
Since its inception, the PdlC has been a leading influence in the promotion of drumline performance. This "Sport of the Arts" has gained much momentum in the last 25 years with the PdlC offering high school programs an opportunity to perform, compete, and perpetuate their music and percussion program through their most visible component, the marching percussion section.

Our Solo and Ensemble Festival continues to offer our young musicians a venue to perform their chamber literature.

We hope your students get a chance to experience this unique opportunity, the first solo and ensemble competition of its kind in the DFW metroplex area.

The PdlC offers something for everyone; be it performer or enthusiast, instructor or student, family or friend. The PdlC, along with its host and event team, offers 25 years of performance venue experience. We are scrupulous about the details that go into a professional event and focused on offering you and your students the best possible experience.

POST 2016 PdlC
On behalf of the Plano Drumline Competition (PdlC), thank you for sharing your day with us. We are privileged to have served as your host and feel confident we all learned from each other's efforts and performances. The role we serve our percussion community holds both honor and reward.

We knew Saturday was going to be interesting with weather and feel very fortunate fate granted us a strong day. The cloud cover helped our comfort level and both performers and audience enjoyed everyone's remarkable drumline performances. Our lot experience continues to be one of the most energized and spirited events in the metroplex. The multitude of interaction between teachers, students, and their percussion community is very unique and irreplaceable; Congratulations to you!

Monitoring weather patterns while serving our PdlC community predicated our resolve to maintain a safe experience for all. As our awards ceremony approached, we were in constant contact with our PISD Stadium Manager and Plano Police Department Liaison, as the weather to the south was starting to blossom our direction. When notice from the Plano Emergency Management System updated us on close proximity lightning strikes, we opted to cancel the award ceremony, proud to have rendered all scheduled performances but now determined and focused on everyone's well being.

We thank you for your understanding and patience as results posting reflected our priority on everyone's safety. Equally, we applaud you, the caretakers of our students, the directors, in your effective and efficient leadership, helping with stadium exit.

Special thank you to our judges: Rich Bahner, Bobby Fajardo, Lane Harder, Matt Holm, Chris McWilliams, Matt Quinlan, Scott Ward, John Wooton. Extra special adulation goes to the Plano Percussion Parent Army and Students for their tireless efforts in making Saturday work.

Saturday's PdlC was an example of our region's collective drive in creating value and sustainability; educationally, culturally, and ethically. Thank you.

2016 PdlC Results
  • View...2016 PdlC Drumline Results(pdf)
  • View...2016 PdlC Solo Results(pdf)

  • About the PdlC
    The event begins between 8-9am and averages 50-60 performing units

    Special events such as door prizes and promotional giveaways

    Alternate Indoor Rain Site Available

    PdlC Solo Competition now includes a solo steel pan category.

    The performing units are evaluated by a 3 judge panel, including solos and ensembles

    Registration fees:
    Performing drumlines: $150
    Solo Festival fee: $25
    Ensemble Festival fee: $30 per group
    Checks payable to: Plano Band Boosters

    Concessions are available
    Audience entry into the PdlC:
    $5 Adults
    $3 Students

    The PdlC offers performances in the following classifications
    A Standstill Div. I - 11 or less total in the battery, excluding cymbals; total membership 20 or less

    A Standstill Div. II - 11 or less total in the battery, excluding cymbals; total membership 21 or more

    AA Standstill Div. I - 12 or more total in the battery, excluding cymbals; total membership 26 or less

    AA Standstill Div. II - 12 or more total in the battery, excluding cymbals; total membership 27-29

    AAA Standstill - 12 or more total in the battery, excluding cymbals; total membership 30 or more

    Drumline Show - Any size battery that includes a visual, marching program

    Festival Drumline - Any classification above, performances not ranked, Judges' comments and sheets on par with competing groups.

    Solo Snare Drum
    Solo Multi-Tenor
    Solo KBP
    Solo Timpani

    Percussion Ensemble
    Bass Drum Ensemble
    Cymbal Ensemble
    Tenor Ensemble
    Snare Ensemble

    Awards presented in each category, including individual section awards
    A Standstill Div I - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th
    A Standstill Div II - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th
    AA Standstill - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th
    AAA Standstill - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th
    Drumline Show - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th

    Festival Drumline - Any classification above, performances not ranked; Judges' comments and sheets on par with competing groups.

    Outstanding Snare Line Caption Award for each classification
    Outstanding Tenor Line Caption Award for each classification
    Outstanding Bass Line Caption Award for each classification
    Outstanding Cymbal Line Caption Award for each classification
    Outstanding Front Ensemble Caption Award for each classification

    Drop6 Outstanding Arrangement & Musical Interpretation Award

    Solo Snare Drum - 1st, 2nd, 3rd
    Solo Multi-Tenor - 1st, 2nd, 3rd
    Solo KBP - 1st, 2nd, 3rd
    Solo Timpani - 1st, 2nd, 3rd

    Placement Awards for:

    Percussion Ensemble
    Bass Drum Ensemble
    Cymbal Ensemble
    Tenor Ensemble
    Snare Ensemble

    Rain Site Contingency Plan
    We will always have 4 plans ready:
    A. The PdlC runs as scheduled at Clark Stadium

    B. The PdlC starts earlier/later in the day at Clark Stadium, adjusted schedule will be online after being sent to all participants.

    C. The PdlC moves to our Rain Site: Plano Senior High School (2200 Independece Pkwy, Plano, Tx. 75075); this decision will be made by 6am on the day of the PdlC and posted on this website. Updates will be communicated with all participants leading up to decision time.

    D. The PdlC is canceled due to weather conditions that would endanger the well-being of our students, participants, and their communities.

    Option C: Details will be posted on the website. The PdlC will run out of the following facilities:

    PSHS Indoor Field Facility - scheduled warm ups; to be posted
    PSHS Gymnasium - all drumline performances
    PSHS Fine Arts Building (Bldg D) - all solo and ensemble performances

    Our goal will be to continue the highest level of preparation, presentation, and professionalism that has become a staple of the Plano Drumline Competition. We will do our best to create the best possible experience for you and your students.

    PdlC Judging Panel
    alphabetically listed:

    DRUMLINE JUDGES (multiple panels; alphabetically listed)
    PdlC Judge - TBD
    More info here

    PdlC Judge - TBD
    More info here

    PdlC Judge - TBD
    More info here

    PdlC Judge - TBD
    More info here

    PdlC Judge - TBD
    More info here

    PdlC Judge - TBD
    More info here

    PdlC Judge - TBD
    More info here

    PdlC Judge - TBD
    More info here

    Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Do we enter the performance area with taps or a cadence?
    Thank you for your question! The drumlines get ready to enter the field at "the end of the tunnel" at Clark Stadium in Plano. When the signal is given, the drumline has 12 minutes to set-up, perform, and get off the performance area; essentially the football field boundaries. Sometimes the battery part of the drumline marches in to a tap. Usually they don't play a cadence to enter because most of the time battery members help move pit equipment in or have other responsibilities. But that is ultimately up to you. Either is allowed.

    2. May we place our front ensemble untraditionally around the performance area?
    Thank you for your question! The front ensemble can be placed anywhere you would like them. The usual spot is in front of the front boundary The judges will be centered on the 50 yd line. One of the judges will be on the field, another half way up the stadium, and the third up in the press box.

    3. Are drumlines required to wear their band uniforms? Thank you for your question! You may wear anything for your performance that is appropriate and in good taste. Some wear uniforms, some have show-influenced costumes, and some prefer to keep cool with shorts and t-shirts.

    4. How are time slots determined? Thank you for your question! Performance times are determined using a "draw from a hat" system done by a Plano band parent. This video taped session is done in the presence of the Plano Band staff. Should the previous year's winner be participating, they are reserved the final time slot in their respective classification. The general schedule has the A standstill lines performing first. Approximately 3:30 is the AA standstill block, the AAA Standstill Drumlines generally begin around 5:45 and the drumline shows wrap up in the evening, usually starting around 7:30pm or so.

    5. Do we need to stay in uniform to re-enter the competition to view the others? Thank you for your question! No, most of the time, post performance groups change into street clothes and spend the rest of the day at the PdlC. Every performance group receives an entry packet containing passes for its members, directors, and parent helpers. The passes equal the number requested on the entry form. Please note that all performing members, uniformed or not, will need a pass to reenter the pdlC. Any parents not included in the passes request will need to purchase a ticket to enter.

    Download All Information/Forms Here

    Registration Option #1 - PdlC Online Registration
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  • Online Register...Ensemble Entry

    Registration Option #2 - Mail In Registration (PDF)
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    PdlC Forms and Information
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  • Download...DL Script Template - pdf(opt)
  • Download...Solo Competition Rules
  • Download...Ensemble Competition Rules

  • Download...All Solo Compulsory

    Performance Schedule
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    Driving Directions (Clark Stadium & PSHS)
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