The model of learning used in organizing the success of the Plano Percussion program is as follows:
1. Take into account what students are like and how much they know.
2. Specify what is to be learned.
3. Provide instruction by taking advantage of what has been discovered about learning, cognitive strategies, and motivation.
4. Determine if students have learned.

Specifying what is to be learned is often the logical place to begin with older percussionists, but it may not be the best first step when dealing with younger students. The application of these principles will be found in the percussion program's components: applied/chamber/methods, drumline, orchestral/symphonic, steel band, and world/ethnic.

  Applied Lessons/Chamber/Methods
Applied/Chamber/Methods is the most important aspect of the Plano Percussion Program, that is, involving solos and ensembles.

The depth and aptitude of Plano Percussion is built here. This emphasis makes the Plano percussionists more versatile by
(1) building them into greater technicians,
(2) maturing them to their highest musical potential, and
(3) developing virtuoso abilities.

During the solo and ensemble season, Dec-Feb, each Plano percussionist is involved in 1-2 solos and 3 or more ensembles. All percussion students will prepare at least 1 solo. All students will perform a completed solo at a sanctioned solo and ensemble festival.

Should the student decide not to participate in the solo festival, a performance of their solo will be required at an audience-attended Plano Percussion departmental recital scheduled at the end of a school day in February.

Students are encouraged to participate in the applied lesson program consisting of a weekly private lesson throughout the school year.

The most visible component of the Plano Percussion Program is the Plano Drumline.

Nationally acclaimed, the Plano Drumline is comprised of marching snare drums, tenor drums, bass drums, cymbals, and keyboard and concert percussion.

As an integral part of the famed Plano Senior High School Marching Band, the drumline supports campus activities through pep rally performances, sporting events, holiday parades, and other community endeavors.

A progressive attribute associated with the Plano Drumline is its involvement in competitive drumline show competition. The highly successful Plano Drumline Competition held in September represents this percussive idiom.

The competitive drumline show utilizes separate music to that of the Plano Marching Band seasonal repertoire. Musical, visual, and drill design elements are skillfully integrated to create a unique and rewarding performance experience.

  Orchestral & Symphonic Percussion
The Plano Senior High School Music Department, recognized as one of the finest in the nation, is comprised of a winds studies program (Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band), a strings program (Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra), and vocal department (choir, show choir).

Each program offers the percussionist a chance to musically interact with musicians of other disciplines. This genre known as symphonic or orchestral percussion is an important and highly respected aspect of the Plano Percussion Program.

The symphonic training elevates a percussionist to the true level of music artist. The compositions demand an increasingly more exacting standard of techniques and musicianship allowing the percussionist to experience an expanded colorful percussion palette with its many beautiful subtleties.

  World Percussion
The rich cultures of Africa, Asia, and Latin America comprise the focus of the Plano Percussion World/Ethnic component. Students are able to expand their musical learning experience and functionality by researching, studying, and performing the various styles, practices, and playing techniques.

The Asian influence includes music of China, Japan, India, Indonesia, and the Arab world, offering its emphasis in pure melody with intricate rhythmic accompaniment. Highly refined African rhythms challenge the performer to master syncopated cross-patterns between drums. The Latin American focus on hand drums and innovative timbres add to the student's percussive vocabulary.

Throughout the school year, each Plano percussionist will rely on this experience to enhance every other component of the percussion program.

  PanCats Steel Drum Band & Pan Ragga Round
  de'Neck Band
The Plano Senior High School PanCats Steel Drum Band consists tenors, double tenors, double seconds, guitars, 6 bass, and engine room. The PanCats keep a busy performance schedule in and around the Plano Community.

Comprised of Plano percussionists, the PanCats specialize in Caribbean and other styles of music such as Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, Latin, Jazz, Rock, and Pop.

In addition to the full steel orchestra, the Cats also include Pan Ragga 'Round de Neck Band consisting of a single tenor, single second, single bass, and engine room. Pan Ragga represents the true humble beginnings of the steel drum band when pans were carried with straps and music paraded through the streets of Port of Spain, Trinidad.

The PanCats are honored to have been part of the charter group of steel drum performers in the 1st Annual Carnival of Steel Music Festival held in 2004 at Richland College.

  Plano Batucada (Samba Band)
Batucada is Portugese for 'samba jam session.' With that spirit in mind, Plano Batucada exists to infuse our Plano community with the awesome power and wall of sound indigenous to the country of Brazil and its Carnavale.

Plano Batucada will help our percussionists become Sambistas, or people who take part in samba activities.

An incredible performing opportunity for our students, Plano Batucada is comprised up to the following:
Tambourims (5), Repenique (1), Surdos (5), Cuica (1), Caixa (3), Chocle (1), Agogo (3-5), Pandeiro (3), Shakers (multitude), and Timbalada (1)

The repertoire of Plano Batucada will include partido alto, salao, choro, bossa nova, forro, baiao, afoxe, maracatu, & frevo.

  ToolKit Sonnet Drumset Ensemble
ToolKit, a play on the word drumkit, is Plano Percussion's newest staple ensemble. Members go through an audition process where aptitude towards time keeping determines the size of the group.

ToolKit Sonnet's goal is to promote and educate our percussionists in understanding personal, organizational, and stylistic parameters that go into becoming a highly functional, highly sought-after musician ready to meet any musical situation with professionalism, role understanding, and positive contribution all while maintaining the creative vision unique to drumset performance.

All members will practice basic through advance musical skill developing literature, promote collaborative learning, interact musically, perpetuate exploration in techniques, styles, and genre-based approaches, and use performance-based assessment. All this to say that it is going to be tons of fun!

The following are the RULES:

Good Time Keeping, Always
Favorite licks: In Time
Playing Fast: In Time
Playing Slow: In Time
When Soloing: In Time
When Grooving: In Time
Wrist Watch: Keeps Time
Metronome: Helps Keep You in Time
Internal Clock: Best to Keep You in Time
Label your hardware as yours
Bring your own sticks

The following are SUGGESTIONS:

Always use your own bass drum pedal; personal   taste in spring action
Devise an electic shock system to let you know   if/when you fall out of time; market it...make a lot   of money!
Devise a bad taste in your mouth system to let you   know if/when you fall out of time; market it...make   a lot of money!
Convince your parents to stand behind you as you   play and lovingly smack you behind your head   if/when you fall out of time Come up with a way to   pay them a lot of money
Devise an ear-lobe pulley system to pull your ears   forward for more-acute listening if/when you fall   out of time; market it...make a lot of   money,...maybe
Listen to as many drum set players as possible;   regardless of style or genre, they are a great   resource which will help you develop your skills
Devise a tranquilizer shooting system, preferably   aimed at your neck, to go off when your   excitement causes you to lose time; Sleep is   good...for all of us who are listening to you. Think   about how much sleep you'll catch up on if your   time keeping skills falter. Hey, I'm all about health   and education. You know, two birds-one stone.
With as much practicing you will do, it is best to   invest in drumset muffles so you can play as much   as you want without becoming that "there goes that   $%#& drummer next door again! I can't get my   needlepoint done with all of that racket!" guy.
Have fun!! You're playing drumset!!!!!

  Plano Middle School Drumline
A drumline is a large percussion ensemble that uses special percussion instruments and is an intregal part of a marching band. If you have ever attended any Plano Sr. High football game, then you know exactly what it is.

Any 6th through 8th grade Plano Sr. High School Cluster middle school band percussionist.

It is no secret that the Plano Drumline is one of the best in the nation. Why? Because it is FUN and VERY COOL! Thanks to the support of our middle school band directors, our middle school drumline gives all percussionists an opportunity to have increased musical enjoyment and success in a group activity. We are sure there will be much excitement, and you will want to be part of the great tradition.

Plano Senior High School Band Hall

Drumline rehearsals to will be on Mondays 5:30 (6th gr), 6:45 (7th/8th), and 8:00pm (8th/7th)


More explained at parent meeting. See General Information above.

  Beginner Percussion Placement Audition
The Plano Beginner Percussion Audition Process is a thorough, time-tested, rubric-based system that evaluates a student's percussion aptitude.

Developed by Michael A. Hernandez, this evaluation tool is highly successful with long term positive results. The audition system provides reliable information for both educator and parent.

The goal of the evaluation is to help the student achieve musical success, therefore enjoying a favorable experience in the music program.

  Plano Percussion Parent Ensemble
The ensemble is comprised of volunteer percussion parents who wish to enjoy the percussion experience within an ensemble setting. The ensemble will begin meeting on the first week after spring break and continue through the Plano Percussion Concert, Spettacolo, in early May. The rehearsals occur weekly at Plano Senior High School and will run immediately after our PMSDL classes. A specific schedule is presented at our Member's Only site for your volunteer/planning needs.

Literature and ensemble instrumentation will be decided upon once group of interested parents is established. Much research and experience has gone in to the presentation of material, allowing anyone interested functional participation regardless of musical aptitude. Simply show up willing to learn and have a great time.

  Plano Tabla Group
A unique world percussion ensemble dedicated to promoting interest, education, understanding, and appreciation of Tabla and its rich Indian music influence and scope. Committed to the potency of this art-form, Plano Tabla Group serves to cross barriers geographical, racial, and cultural.

Student membership is limited to the number of Tabla sets available through the Plano Percussion Program. Students are encouraged to invest in their own set of Tabla, promoting further study of this wonderful instrument.

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