Percussion Parent Meeting - APRIL

Our first percussion parent meeting serves as an orientation for both new and continuing Plano, Clark, and Vines percussion parents. This also includes 9th grade parents for the following school year. Included in the presentation is staff introductions, all percussion program components, calendar, student leadership, an open question/answer session with recent alumni and graduating seniors (parents are encouraged to ask the tough questions; students/alumni are under no restrictions, they will answer as truthfully as possible), percussion program membership contracts and guidelines, and parent help opportunities.

  • Our meeting is set for Thursday, April 27, 2017 at 7pm in the PSHS Band Hall

  •   Drumline Summer Camps - JUNE-AUGUST

    The drumline component of the Plano Percussion Program is involved in 2-3 summer drumline camps. All camps are kept on the same relative week to offer our parents and students ample summer scheduling time for summer activities.

  • 1. June Plano Cluster Drumline Camp
  • 2. UNT Drumline Camp
  • 3. July Plano Cluster Drumline Camp

    1. Plano Cluster DL Camp #1
    Plano, Clark, Vines
    June; 1st week after spring semester ends; 8a-5pm
    at Plano Senior High School

    Due to PSHS Graduation,
    Camp times will change depending on graduation day schedule for Plano Senior High School

    The June camp will introduce all of our new members to the world of marching. This camp is slower paced to allow everyone a chance to figure things out. From experience, the first two days will be the hardest. The first day because you didn't realize your muscles could work as hard as they're doing. Rest assured that you will not be alone in your feelings, you are not the first to go through this; remember your older buddies went through it and look at them now! We will give plenty of water breaks. When it is all said and done, you will look back at this experience and be very proud of what you will have accomplished. Designed to get a jumpstart on our fall drumline season, this camp will focus on establishing protocol established and expected as a member of the Plano Drumline Program.

    2. University of North Texas Marching Percussion Camp
    Denton, Texas
    The UNT Marching Percussion Camp trains high school percussionists each summer on the UNT campus in the tradition of the world renowned North Texas Drumline. Camp members will expand their knowledge and enjoyment of marching and percussion instruments with an average of 10 hours a day of instruction and performance. Expert guidance and instruction will be tailored to both strengthen and challenge abilities at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

    The registration form and a nontransferable deposit of (check UNT Website) (applicable to the total cost of camp) must be sent to: Percussion Office - University of North Texas, College of Music, P.O. Box 311367, Denton, TX 76203-1367 postmarked no later than (check UNT Website). For registration, early arrival and housing questions call the UNT Percussion Studies Office at (940)565-4124, fax (940)565-2002. Enrollment is limited to 190 participants.

    Navigate to pdf registration form by clicking here.

    3. Plano Cluster DL Camp #2
    Plano, Clark, Vines
    July; Last week of the month; Many times, the camp goes into first few days of August.
    at Plano Senior High School

    The week will be structured where each member will get instruction time in a sectional environment, in a full respective drumline environment, and if scheduling permits, even a mass drumline environment, that is everyone at the camp playing at the same time. The camp although based out of Plano Senior High School may have some of you guys marching around the surrounding areas. Don't be surprised if in your tracking session has you visiting Haggard Middle School or waving at kids playing at a nearby park.

    We hope to learn and structure our full exercise warm-up routine, put in place all of our drumline etiquette, establish our hypes, learn most of our band show, if not all, and get to know each other as members of the nationally renowned Plano Percussion Program. Some of us may even become incredible friends by camp's end. This is especially important for all of us who will be starting fresh at the high school level. When all of your friends from middle school are barely getting to meet new students in August, you will already be ahead of the curve with your drumline buddies.

    As members of the drumline, you are now embarking into a subculture unlike no other. The countless experiences you will have in our group dynamic will stay with you forever. Oh, by the way, have I mentioned that you are going to have FUN!!!? Aside from the hard work you will be putting in and the maturing that happens, fun is an important aspect of our program.


    Drumline students are responsible for and will need to have with them the following for the camp:
    1. Audition music packet which includes a lot of the exercises we will be working on. Please have your music in a notebook within sheet protectors.

    2. Their sticks, mallets, etc. Please have all of your sticks, mallets, etc. labeled as yours.

    3. Snare drummers are encouraged to bring a snare stand to use during sectional. At the discretion of the snare sectional instructor, the students may be allowed to put their snare drums on snare stands instead of carrying them. ALL PERSONAL SNARE STANDS NEED TO BE LABELED. I cannot stress this enough. I gave this same instruction every year only to have a first year snare drummer not follow instructions and his snare stand was misplaced or picked up by someone as theirs and never seen again. A lot of the snare stands look very similar, please label them as yours.

    4. All battery members, (snares, tenors, & basses), are asked to bring their gum rubber pads. Members will have time to practice individually, thus pulling out their pads and practicing. Students are not allowed to play on cafeteria tables, floors, walls, etc., so take advantage of the individual practice times by working on your gum rubber pad.

    Do's and Don'ts:
  • DO bring a water jug with water; label the jug as yours; do not share your germs. Do not share other's germs.

  • DO wear sunscreen and a hat to help you with the possible heat.

  • DO WEAR SHORTS, DO NOT wear pants if at all possible. Comfortable shorts that allow easy movement should be worn. Save your fashion statements and anti-establishment gear for non-drumline times. We respect the individuality but we would rather not see you fall while marching because your chain became entangled in the fashionably torn bell bottom, giant clothespin on the knee, dragging piece of cloth that used to be a seam pair of blue or black jeans. You will sweat, so dress accordingly. Please wear athletic shoes, we don't want any feet problems to arise.

  • DO eat something in the morning. You will be marching in the morning, so your body will need reserves to burn. Avoid milk in the morning. Marching, body heat, sweat, and first timer's anxiety don't mix on an empty stomach or one filled with milk. Drink plenty of fluids in the morning like water or juices.

  • DO have all of your music in sheet protectors in a notebook.

  • The Plano Middle School Summer Percussion Camp; June 19-23, 2017; 1-5pm

    The Plano Cluster Middle School Summer Percussion Camp is a total percussion camp featuring classes in fundamental techniques, keyboard percussion, orchestral instruments, marching percussion, drumset, ethnic, world percussion, steel pan, clinics, and masterclasses. All participants perform in every aspect of the camp making this an incredibly wonderful experience for the middle school student.

    The students present an end-of-the-camp concert featuring all aspects of the camp. The concert is from 4-5pm on Friday, the last day of the camp.

    The Plano MS Percussion Camp will be held on campus at Plano Senior High School.

    Participation in the Plano MS Percussion Camp is offered to the rising 7th and 8th grade percussionists from Carpenter, Haggard, Hendrick, Schimelpfenig, and Wilson Middle Schools. All percussionists will benefit from our program regardless of aptitude or proficiency. If your middle school percussionist is excited about developing their percussion skills and musical interests, then this is the camp!!

    The tuition for the Plano Cluster Middle School Summer Percussion Camp will be $80 with checks made out to Plano Band Boosters.

    Every activity is supervised and attended by a PISD staff member and area percussion specialists on contract with the Plano MS Percussion Camp.

  • Online Form ONLINE Registration

  • The Plano Cluster Drumset Camp; June 19-23, 2017; 8am-12pm

    Welcome to the Plano Cluster Drumset Camp! Centered around hands-on learning, developing discipline, building self-esteem and fostering teamwork, the camp offers our students a chance to develop their drumset skills regardless of ability level. The camp will feature 3 tracks of learning - beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Our camp is open to all percussionists from our Plano Cluster Band Programs who want to improve their drumset skills in an exciting and inspiring environment.

    Camp Schedule:
    The camp sessions will run Monday - Friday; 8a - 12pm

    All programs are presented on the campus of Plano Senior High School in the Doyle Dean Performing Arts Center at 2200 Independence Parkway, Plano, TX 75075

    Participation in the Plano Cluster Drumset Camp is offered to the next year 7th through 12th grade percussionists from Carpenter, Haggard, Hendrick, Schimelpfenig, Wilson middle schools and Clark, Vines, and Plano Senior high schools as well as current year graduates, prior to their freshman year in college, who are interested in developing their drumset skills and musical interests. Participants will benefit from our program regardless of level of attainment or proficiency.

    Student Supervision
    Every activity is supervised and attended by a PISD employee and area percussion specialists on contract with the Plano Cluster Drumset Camp

    What to Bring
    All participants will need to have their own personal drumsets during the camp as we will spend a majority of the time behind the kits. The standard "camp" drumset is a 4 or 5-piece kit with a ride cymbal, a crash cymbal, Hi-Hats, and a drum throne or stool. Having fewer or more drums and cymbals is fine. You will also need sticks and drum set brushes. All drumsets will remain secured behind locked doors within the Plano Senior High School Performing Arts Center for the duration of the camp.

    The tuition for the Plano Cluster Drumset Camp will be $100 with checks made out to Plano Band Boosters.

    All drumsets will remain secured behind locked doors within the Plano Senior High School Performing Arts Center for the duration of the camp. The cost of the camp is $100 due at camp registration at 1pm on the first day of camp. Interested? Then please fill out the following online form to let us know to expect you!

  • Online Form ONLINE FORM

  •   Band Summer Camps - MAY, JULY, AUGUST

  • Specific percussion details on Member's Only Page

    Each summer, the band programs from Plano, Clark, and Vines High School hosts their summer band camp program for our young musicians. Each camp offers a wonderful setting for musical growth through performance of large and small ensembles, on and off of the marching field. Specific information on each camp can be found at the following band websites:

  • Plano Band
  • Clark Band
  • Vines Band

  •   Plano Percussion Picnic - JULY/AUGUST

  • Specific details will be emailed to membership

    Usually happens on the Thursday of our July DL Camp, 6:00-9:00p, Russell Creek Park Pavilion

    We are excited to invite all of our members and their families to our Annual Plano Percussion/Drumline Picnic in the picnic pavilion at Russell Creek Park in Plano, TX. Our camp day will end at 4pm on Thursday to give everyone ample time to get home and meet at Russell Creek as close to 6:00p as possible. If you cannot make it at 6pm, no problem, show up when you can!

    Regarding food, we (Plano Percussion) will provide everything; hot dogs, hamburgers, and all of the fixins! We only ask for each member/family provide their own drinks.

    Of course, students should bring balls, frisbees, etc. to make the picnic full of merriment and mirth! Everyone is welcome to show up as their schedule allows, we'll keep cookin' till everyone is stuffed,...or the food runs out! Which leads to the next few items!!

  • An email will be sent to our high school percussion community with a picnic form asking if plans are being made to attend and how many.

  • We ask that these filled out forms be returned on Tuesday morning at camp. All family members are welcome, so don't be shy!

  • Show up on Thursday!! Bring frisbees, etc and let's have a great time together!!

    The Plano, Clark, & Vines Percussion Parent Coordinators will contact our parents with organizational items to try to make our event as successful as possible.

  •   Plano Drumaton - JULY/AUGUST

  • Specific details on Member's Only Page

    *Due to legalities, this event had to change its name. We had the option of adding a "G" or deleting the "H." We opted for the latter... ;-)

    The Plano Drumaton was initiated in the fall of 1998. It serves as an opportunity for the Plano Central Cluster Percussion Program to take part in an educational-based event where the students learn about different styles of percussion, get hands-on experience playing percussion instruments, and bond as a program creating new memories and strengthening friendships.

    The Drumaton is held at Plano Senior High School starting on a Friday at 6pm, ending at 6am on Saturday. In the past, the Drumaton was strictly a PSHS event as the 11th-12th grade Plano Senior High School Percussionists participated in the event. In 2003, the 9th-10th grade high school percussion students from our cluster high schools were invited to participate. This was a first and the students had a lot of fun drumming making the Drumaton a very successful event.

    In addition to the hours of fun, we continue to have the Drumaton serve as an optional fundraiser for the percussion program. By acquiring pledges for the constant percussive sounds, all participating schools raise funds towards their band fees. Although we encourage the sponsorship, it is not required to take part in the Drumaton.

    The Drumaton participation parameters are as follows:

  • 1. Friday 6-11pm: Participation available to 9th-12th grade

  • 2. Friday 11pm: Non-lock in high school students go home while those with parental permission take part in a lock-in at PSHS. Chaperoned by parents and staff, the students continue the drumathon.

  • 3. The event concludes at 6am.

    Events occurring within the drumaton include: the sustaining of a long roll that progresses from each member until the event ends. The students take on the role of instructor and teach their parents to play their marching percussion instruments in drumline rehearsals. The percussion obstacle course is popular. Among the masterclass and clinic topics are steel drums, drumset, vibraphone, samba school, Afro Cuban, North Indian Tabla, Guatemalen Ensemble, percussion ensemble, and mass drumline.

    Our Annual Plano Drumaton is scheduled to start the last day of our July Plano Cluster Drumline Camp through the following day, finishing at 6:00a

  •   Twilight Concert - AUGUST

    Plano Senior and Vines High Schools host an evening of live music performance with their "Twilight Concert." This annually held event featuring music, marching exhibitions, and community friendly events serves as a kick-off to the fall marching band season. The event also offers a catered dinner with meal time music provided by the PSHS PanCats Steel Band. Details include:

  • Date: The Friday before the Fall Semester begins.
  • Time: Standstill performance: 6:00 to 6:45 p.m.
  • Marching performance: 6:45 to 7:15 p.m.
  • Dinner: 7:30 p.m.
  • Location: Plano Senior High School
  • Dinner Cost: $TBD per person, catered by TBD
  • Ticket deadline: August TBD (check w/ your directors)
  • Meal Tickets will be pre-sold only and not available at the door.

  •   PdlC - SEPTEMBER 23, 2017

    Plano Senior High School is honored to host the Plano Drumline Competition. Initiated on September 26, 1992 and kept on the same relative weekend, the PdlC holds the distinction of the longest running drumline contest in Texas. The PdlC is utilized by many drumlines as a motivational tool for their students to learn their fall drumline music. A great evening of music, spectators are treated to an ever-increasing standard of excellence from the young musicians and their instructors. Lonestar Percussion, drop6 media, Inc., as well as other major percussion companies and entities help sponsor the event.

    Specific information on this year's PdlC can be found here.

      Pre-UIL Marching Band Contest - OCTOBER

    As our groups, (Plano, Clark, and Vines) prepare their marching band shows, a series of performances serve as guideposts for the successful management of learning, perfecting, and performing of their shows.

    Within the required performances of football games and community events, the bands schedule a Pre-UIL Marching Band Contest to give the program feedback on the progress of their shows.

    Specific information on each school's pre-UIL contest entry can be found at their respective website.
  • Plano Band
  • Clark Band
  • Vines Band

  •   UIL Marching Band Contest - OCTOBER

    This UIL sanctioned contest serves as an important accreditation tool for musical evaluation and maintaining of performance standards.

    Three levels of contests are possible, region, area, and state, each predicated on the evaluated success of the previous. Contest parameters include Tone, Musicianship, Marching, and Drill Design. The rating system ranges from First Division Superior (I) to Fifth Division Poor (V).

    Specific performance informationcan be found each band's website or at the region or the UIL music website.

      Lewisville Drumline Invitational - NOVEMBER

    Hosted by Lewisville High School, the Lewisville Drumline Invitational is a drumline contest held in November. The Plano Drumline is proud to be a charter participant in the area's newest drumline event.

      Lonestar Classic Drumline Contest - NOVEMBER

    Hosted by Marcus High School, the Lonestar Classic is a drumline contest held in November. The drumlines of Plano Percussion attend this event serving as closure for the drumline season.

      Plano Holiday Parade - DECEMBER

    A chance for our music program to give back to our community, the Plano Holiday Parade offers a chance for PISD to share in the holiday spirit. Playing seasonal music and wearing Santa hats, we encourage everyone to come out and enjoy the parade, after all, everyone loves a parade!

    The parade is traditionally held on the first or second weekend in December.

      PanCat Winter Tour - DECEMBER-JANUARY

    The PanCat Winter Tour has become a "must-see" for our community. In an effort to promote live music performance, the PanCats keep a busy schedule playing at places like Barnes & Noble, The Shops at Willowbend, Borders Books, and other public venues.

    Specific dates, times, and locations are usually made available at the end of November.

    The PanCats are excited to invite you out to enjoy some sweet holiday pan music. The performances are free to the public and we would love to see you. Keep checking this website for further information!

  • Click here to view pdf PanCat Winter Tour

  •   Winter Panyard Percussion Concert and Fete - DECEMBER

    The Plano Band is proud to present "Winter Panyard Percussion Concert and Fete." Starting at 7pm in the Plano Senior High School Cafeteria, our winter percussion concert promises an evening of heart stomping, energetic, and fun music as Plano Percussion puts together this magical event featuring the sweet sound of pan and the awesome pulse of percussion ensemble.

    Our Plano Senior High School percussionists provide enchanting reditions of some winter holiday favorites. We hope you can join us!

    The Winter Panyard Percussion Concert and Fete is scheduled for the second Thursday of December. Free admission.

  • Click here to view Winter Panyard Perc Concert & Fete


  • Important Parent Meeting: January 9, 2018 - 7:00pm PSHS Band Hall

    We are very excited to offer the Plano Middle School Drumline again to our middle school percussionists. Last year's group had a lot of fun and we are extremely proud of their performance at the Plano Percussion Concert: Spettacolo.

    A staple of the Plano Percussion program, we cannot wait to see our awesome friends from Carpenter, Haggards, Hendrick, Schimelpfenig, and Wilson Middle Schools.

    All middle schools working together, our legend grows as a new year begins and our Plano Wildcats take on new challenges and strive for greater heights. Every component of our middle school percussion program is poised to pounce. Hear our hiss, see our growl, and enjoy what our Wildcats have to offer. Unlike most legends, we are not only known for what we used to do, but for what we continue to do. We will be the inspiration that inspired us to be here. This is Plano. We are legend.

    The PMSDL is structured so that every student gets ample time on each percussion instrument. A highly structured assignment sheet helps keep everyone on-task and allows a ton of fun while engaging the students in a great learning experience.

    As a supplemental performing group for our middle school percussionists, the PMSDL succeeds in helping prepare our students for the high school band experience.

    All Forms
    Online Application...Online Registration

  •   A Night at Club Cat Swing Dance - JANUARY

    The nationally recognized and Essential Ellington Awarded Plano Jazz Band hosts this great evening of dance, music, and good times.

    A Plano community staple, Plano's "A Night at Club Cat Swing Night" is traditionally held on the second weekend of January.

    Free swing dancing lessons usually begin at 5:45pm with the band's first set beginning at 7:00pm.

    Ticket prices are available as the event nears. For more information:
  • Plano Jazz Ensemble

  •   Plano Percussion Parent Ensemble

    The Plano Percussion Parent Ensemble is created to give our wonderful percussion parent army a chance to experience some of the unique, crazy, and rewarding aspects of our music program. Available to parents of percussion students who are members of Plano Cluster Band Programs, this ensemble rehearses once a week in preparation for a sell-out performance at Spettacolo.

      Plano Percussion Chamber Music Festival
      March 3, 2018

    During the solo and ensemble season, Dec-Feb, each Plano percussionist is involved in 1-2 solos and 1-4 or 5 ensembles. All percussion students will prepare at least 1 solo.

    All students will perform a completed solo at the Plano Solo and Ensemble Festival. Should the student decide not to participate in the solo festival, a performance of their solo will be required at an audience-attended Plano Percussion departmental recital scheduled at the end of a school day in February.

      Pre-UIL Concert Performance - Late March/Early April

    Plano, Clark, and Vines Concert Bands provide an evening of music as they prepare for their UIL Concert and Sightreading Performance. Specific times will be made available closer to the concert date.

      UIL Concert and Sightreading Contest - April

    Plano, Clark, and Vines Concert Bands go to UIL Concert and Sightreading Contest. Specific dates and times will be made available later in the semester.

      PanCat Spring Tour - MARCH-MAY

    The PanCat Spring Tour offers the sounds of sweet pan for our community. In an effort to promote live music performance, the PanCats keep a busy schedule playing at elementary school themed days, special district events, music festivals, and other public venues.

    Specific dates, times, and locations are usually made available early in the spring semester and are added as performance dates solidify.

    The PanCats are excited to invite you out to enjoy some sweet pan music. We would love to see you so keep checking this website for further information!

  • Click here to view pdf PanCat Spring Tour

  •   Spettacolo - May 12 & 13, 2017

    The idea of "Spettacolo," Italian for SHOW, was introduced in 1998. Spettacolo's intent is to change subtitle from year to year, giving the current PSHS percussion students contributing ownership to the Plano Percussion Legacy.

    Spettacolo averages over 220 percussion student performers from Plano Senior, Clark (9th), and Vines High School as well as students from Carpenter, Haggard, Hendrick, Schimelpfenig, and Wilson Middle Schools.

    All take to the performance arena and evoke growth and independence creating a fond memory that will last a lifetime.

    Our young performers work hard to put forth their best performance, please show your appreciation.

    We encourage our audience to spend the whole evening with us. We hope that our preparation and performance effort warrants a full evening of percussion experience before and after intermission.

    As a courtesy to the performers and audience, please have all pagers and cell phones off or on silent mode. Thank you for your help. Enjoy this night's performance!!

    There will be two opportunities to enjoy this year's Spettacolo, so please make plans to join us! For Ticket information, please contact the Plano Percussion Parent Coordinator at Plano, Clark, or Vines.

  • Click here for Ticket Information
  • Click here to view Archive

  •   Drumline Audition Workshops - APRIL-MAY

    Workshop schedules for all schools can be found here.

    Spring drumline workshop information for this year's 8th grade percussionists (next year 9th graders) as well as next-year drumline members who will be attending Plano, Clark or Vines.


    The workshop/camp information is especially important for the spring 8th grade percussionists preparing for next year at Vines or Clark, and for current spring 9th-11th grade percussionists preparing for next year.

    To the 7th and 6th grade parent: we hope this information will be extremely informative in what to expect in upcoming years.

    Listed will be dates for drumline audition workshops for Plano, Clark, and Vines. This is especially important for this year's 8th grade students.

    The workshops are designed to help percussionists prepare for drumline auditions. The workshops are not required to audition for the drumlines at PSHS, Clark, or Vines.


    As a percussionist, these drumline auditions are not to determine whether you'll be in the percussion section at Plano, Clark, or Vines.

    Any middle school or high school percussionist is automatically included in the drumline during the fall marching season.

    The auditions are used to determine in what capacity the student will benefit most and contribute at their highest during marching season. The workshops help prepare all of the audition material. There will be no surprises at the audition.

    All audition material will be covered, explained, and rehearsed during these workshops.


    Dates for auditions, summer camps, etc. should be carefully reviewed. Our hope is that by getting these dates out to you in January/February, family summer plans can be planned accordingly to allow your student the chance to develop over the summer with all of the demands that come with being a part of a drumline. Your students find the most success when the group dynamic is upheld and everyone is in attendance.

    Catching up on a missed week-long camp is possible, however it does put a lot of pressure on the students because by the time they rejoin their friends, the drumline has improved exponentially and is functioning at a rate that frustration is hard to combat. And as a staff, try as we may to assure the student that it is only time and experience they are lacking relative to their friends, the student's attack themselves and their supposed inefficiencies and convince themselves that they "can't" do it and end up not having fun or worse, quitting.

    This pdf schedule only reflects percussion camps for Plano, Clark, & Vines drumlines. Each band will have their own band camp calendar for you to review.

    Please contact Michael A. Hernandez with any questions or concerns. We want to answer as best we can to avoid any confusion, assumptions, etc. to circumvent any less-than-successful experiences for your student. I want everyone in this program to make the most intelligent and well-informed decisions when in comes to the percussion program.

  •   Drumline Auditions - MAY

    Workshop schedules for all schools can be found here.

  • 1. All auditionees -
    Please have your drumline contract signed by both you and your parents ready to turn in on your audition day. The contract will be emailed to you or your folks and handed to you during one of your workshops. PSHS students will have two: general drumline and a separate drumline show.

  • 2. Snare Line auditionees -
    -Everyone will be in a snare line together in the room
    -Audition requirement will be played once as a group then proceed to individual playing down the line for evaluation.
    -Please have a prepared solo (self composed) ready; at least 64 measures; 5 copies for the judges. The band office copier will be off limits for your copying needs. Please be responsible and plan ahead.

  • 3. Tenor Line auditionees -
    -Everyone will be in a tenor line together in the room
    -Audition requirement will be played once as a group then proceed to individual playing down the line for evaluation.
    -Please have a prepared solo (self composed) ready; at least 64 measures; 5 copies for the judges. The band office copier will be off limits for your copying needs. Please be responsible and plan ahead.

  • 4. Bass Line auditionees -
    Be prepared to play every drum unison and split on all audition material.
    -As a line, an exercise split will be played and you will be given 8 to move to the next drum, as done during workshops.
    -Your audition preparation mindset should include this process as well.

  • 5. All Sight reading will be single line, snare type music

  • 6. Details -
    Please prepare to be evaluated by a panel of 2-3 judges for the high schools and a minimum of 5 judges for the senior high. For the PSHS drumline audition, Michael A. Hernandez will not be on the judging panel.

    To all drumlines: Go through the audition process as many times as possible, especially during the week leading up to the audition. Show up knowing that you have set up the best possible odds for yourself. Don't be passive. Best of luck to everyone.

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